What others say about Cleartones...

"In fact, there are only two things in the world of ringtones that make me optimistic. The first is that — with the slow death of Nokia — the horrible default Gran Vals tone (and its cheesily remixed derivatives) is also dying. The second is Cleartones Organic, a set of 50 ringtones and 50 notifications which will calm you like a cool forest breeze." - Cult of Mac

"These super-simple ringtones are minimalist snippets of sound which will both still the cacophony of a typical city scene, and cut through the racket letting you know that your phone, and only your phone, is ringing." - Wired

"I love my R2D2 ringtone on the weekends but when I'm at the day job, it's Cleartones for me." - MacSparky

"Ringtones suck. Not in theory but in practice. They exist for one reason and that is to notify; this however, doesn't stop everyone and their grandma from using screechy loops of "Ice Cream Paint-Job" instead. Enter Cleartones." - Gizmodo

"Aural aesthetics doesn’t get nearly enough attention, in my book. Cleartones are the first set of artistic, dare I say deliberately designed, notification sounds and ringtones, and you get 50 of them for the same price as a crappy Pink Floyd poster in a college dorm room." - Studies in Semicolons

"If I didn’t have my phone on silent 95% of the time I would totally buy these." - Chris Coyler


"I’ve listened to them all, and there’s not one that would make me want to punch somebody in a grocery checkout line. To put that better, they’re all very pleasant and there’s a variety of options ranging from peaceful chimes to more insistent, percussive sounds. I think there’s a place for this in the phone-wielding masses; a counter-attack on the cacophony of everyday life." - Brett Terpstra

"I can't help but be a tiny bit annoyed when my cellphone rings and interrupts my conversations or train of thought. Thankfully, I came across Cleartones, a collection of beautifully minimal ringtones that make the world sound a bit better with it's subtle and refined notifications." - Urban Outfitters

"The notifications—both “classic” and “organic”—were an auto-buy for me. They’re absolutely fantastic." - Justin Blanton

"Hearing a clip of Don’t Stop Believin’ every timesomeone calls may never get old to you, but your colleagues and that woman you were chatting up at the bar don’t see things the same way. That kind of move was somehwat forgivable back when your only other option involved using defaults — “Boing” and “Marimba” weren’t exactly steps in a better direction. […] With that in mind, Cleartones is a solution we’ve all been waiting for." - Gear Patrol